September 14, 2021, 1:47 PM

In a shocking incident, 11 members of a family drowned in Wardha river as the boat capsized on Monday morning in Varud, Amravati.
As of now, dead bodies have been fished out while officials are trying to locate the remaining eight. The family had come to Varud for a funeral of their relative.
After the rituals, they decided to go for a boat ride in Wardha river, which is located in Galegaon near Varud taluka, Amravati.
All of the members aboard fell into the river and got drowned.
The police located three dead bodies in the river and identified them as members of the family. Morshi MLA Devendra Bhuyar also visited the scene.
The incident took place under Benoda Police Station and search operation for other eight is still on.

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