November 25, 2016, 4:59 AM

If you're runner, you will know the amazing benefits the habit of running brings with itself. For the uninitiated, Nation Next lists down 11 reasons why you should hit the track and start running!

→ Hit the track! Save money!

Why splurge a lot of money on pricey equipment and that costly gym membership when you can be fit for free! All you need to run is your favourite running gear.

→ For the foodie in you!

If you're a foodie, running should be on your daily checklist! Running can burn a lot of calories and keep away that paunch. Also, you'll be surprised to know that an increased carb intake can make you more active during harder runs.

→ For a healthy, positive and long life!

Active people will always see the bright side of things and will be positive in their way of looking at life. Also, people with the habit of running actually live longer that their lazy counterparts. Even when you're old, those jogs you took when you were young will keep you healthy!

→ New pals, new goals!

When you hit the track and start running regularly, chances are high that you'll meet the same people every day. With time you will be making some new friends, friends who as passionate about running as you're!

→ A run a day keeps the doctor away!

A person with a running habit will always be more fit that the person who does not have it. Active people are less prone to colon cancer. Running can also reduce the risk of breast cancer in women considerably.

→ Never forget a thing!

Ever came across those people who never forget a thing? That's probably because they have a knack to hit the track! Running can keep the mind sharp and can also reduce the symptoms of dementia and protect the brain against Alzheimer’s.

→ Good in every way!

Running can boost you confidence considerably in bed! Plus, it will get you in the mood more often! Running can also help you get rid of those pores. It can can also boost natural oils and keep you fresh and healthy.

→ A dose of instant energy!

Ever wondered why Milind Soman looks so fresh all the time? Because the man hits the track more often! If you feel lazy, running can increase your energy levels, decrease fatigue and keep you fresh. It will also improve your stamina, keep your calm and stress free!

→ Care for 'one' who keeps you alive!

Runners can reduce the risk of heart related diseases considerably as compared to people who don't run. Running within the prescribed guidelines by doctors can keep your heart hale and healthy!

→ Stronger inside, stronger outside!

Running can make your bones strong and healthy for life and even you're old, you will have a rocking life! Running will also strengthen your limbs and muscles.

→ Sleep like a baby!

People who have knack for running generally have proper routines. They sleep and wake up on time to avoid missing the run! Running will also make you sleep calmly in the night, almost like a baby!

If these reasons convince you, Run Forrest, Run!

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