May 4, 2021, 3:42 PM

Central Vista project

Central Vista project

The new residence of the Prime Minister worth ₹ 13,450 crore, which is a part of the Central Vista revamp project, is set to be ready by December 2022.

The projected cost of the entire Central Vista project, which also includes the construction of the new Parliament Building, is ₹20,000 crore. The project would employ nearly 46,000 people.

However, Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi criticised the Centre for using its resources for constructing Prime Minister’s new residence in New Delhi for ₹ 13,450 crore. She said the Centre should instead use it for COVID-19 relief.

Gandhi said the country was struggling with shortage of oxygen, vaccines and hospital beds amid a deadly COVID-19 wave.

In a tweet (in Hindi), she wrote, “When the people of the country are struggling with shortage of oxygen, vaccines, hospital beds, medicines, then it would be better if the government put all the resources in the work of saving the lives of the people, instead of constructing a new house of ₹13,000 crores.”

The Central Vista project was classified as ‘essential service’ so that the construction work of PM’s residence in Delhi is executed without any interruption amid COVID-19-induced lockdown.

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