March 18, 2020, 3:06 AM
Francisco Garcia

A Spanish Football coach Francisco Garcia, who was the coach of a youth team of Malaga based club Atletico Portada Alta, passed away at the age of 21 at a regional hospital in Malaga on Sunday after being diagnosed with coronavirus.

As per some reports, Garcia was suffering from Leukemia, which made him prone to the virus. The doctors even asserted that he would have survived had he not been suffering from the pre-existing condition of leukemia.

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Major football leagues in Spain have all been suspended indefinitely to contain the spread of coronavirus, which has claimed over 6,000 lives across the world.

Spain had last week declared a state of emergency to stop the disease from spreading. It is the second worst hit European country, having reported more than 8,000 cases and as many as 297 deaths.

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