September 25, 2021, 2:09 PM

In a horrifying incident, a young rape survivor, who was seven months pregnant, performed her own abortion by watching YouTube videos and online tutorials.
The 24-year-old victim performed the critical procedure at her house in Nagpur, when her family members had gone to Mumbai.
She was forced to abort the child by her lover, who was already married twice and had a son with his second wife.
As per reports, the victims’ lover identified as Sohail Khan, who is a driver by profession, had allegedly raped her over 50 times since 2016.
He several times forced himself on her while being under the influence of alcohol.
When Khan found out that his girlfriend was pregnant, he denied to marry her and said that he wasn’t financially stable to support her as he was already married and had a son.
Khan forced her to abort the child by herself. Under Khan’s pressure, she used the tools she could arrange at home and performed the critical procedure of cutting the cord and detaching the infant from the uterus on her own.
She operated on her own, without anyone’s help at her home in Nagpur. After the operation, Khan buried the infant in Taj Nagar burial ground.
The incident had taken place a few weeks earlier. However, the victim’s family approached Nagpur Police after knowing about it.
On Thursday, September 23, cops attached to Yashoda Nagar police station arrested the accused and he is in their custody as of now.
According to officers, they approached forensic experts to match the DNA of the infant with Khan.
However, they could not trace the buried child. The accused was booked on charges of rape. Further investigation is in progress.

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