April 28, 2021, 8:11 PM

Narayan Dabhalkar

Narayan Dabhalkar

At a time when Nagpur is witnessing the worst bed shortage, an 85-year-old COVID-19-infected man named Narayan Dabhalkar considered getting discharged from a city hospital within couple of hours post hospitalisation on April 22.

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister also tweeted about Dabhalkar. 

Dabhalkar didn’t stay back despite doctors asking him to continue his treatment. He walked out of NMC’s Indira Gandhi Rughnalaya (IGR) despite his alarmingly low levels of saturation only to sacrifice his bed for a 40-year-old COVID-19 infected man in Nagpur.

He decided to forego his bed after he saw the wife of the 40-year-old man pleading to the doctors to arrange a bed for her husband. Dabhalkar died in a day after reaching home. However, if some reports are to be believed, he succumbed three days later.

His daughter Aasawari Kothiwan said he also preferred spending his last moments with the family rather than being in the hospital. 

Dabhalkar told doctors, “I am 85. I have lived my life. Saving the life of a young man is more important. Their children are young...please give my bed to them.” TOI reported that a senior official confirmed that records showed a Discharge Against Medical Advice (DAMA) against Dabhalkar’s name.

As per the same report, the official stated, “Even if a patient voluntarily leaves, a bed cannot be given to any specific person on his request. Whom to give the bed to is the prerogative of the doctors. Although Dabhalkar’s leaving would have certainly eased the pressure by creating space for someone else.” 

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