September 13, 2021, 9:36 AM

The National Students’ Union of India (NSUI), on Sunday, proposed to appoint Congress leader Rahul Gandhi as the next Congress President.
NSUI passed a resolution for the same in their two-day National Executive Program ‘Sankalp.’ The proposal came one week after the Indian Youth Congress (IYC) had demanded to make Rahul Gandhi as the next Congress President.
NSUI is the students’ wing, whereas, the IYC is the Youth wing of Indian National Congress (INC).
A statement by the NSUI read that they had passed the resolution of appointing Rahul Gandhi as Congress President in ‘one voice.’
“Mr. Rahul Gandhi is the foremost and honest leader who took a stand and strengthen the voice of students for their betterment, and also helped in garnering enough support by raising matters of student importance and also looking for adequate justice for the students’ fraternity on varied subjects to fight for democracy and transparency,” read the statement.
“We recognise Sri Rahul Gandhi’s dedication to India’s student which empowers us, and re-affirm our faith in his keen leadership abilities and statesmanship under which India can reach the pinnacle of success developing into a more sustainable & peaceful society,” it further added.
Gandhi, who took over as Congress President in 2017 from his mother and the current President Sonia Gandhi, resigned after party’s poor performance in 2019 Lok Sabha general elections.

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