February 24, 2019, 12:33 AM

All airports across the country have been put on high alert after Air India received a telephonic threat call in Mumbai to hijack a flight to Pakistan today. As per The Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) statement today, “A telephonic message received by the station duty office, AI (Air India) AOCC (Airport Operation Control Centre) Mumbai, stating information regarding a threat to Indian Airlines flight getting hijacked to Pakistan on 23.2.2019.”

While the security at the airports have been made a lot stricter in the wake of Pulwama attack, post the threat call, the securities at the airports have been beefed up by ensuring stricter pre-boarding screening of passengers and of vehicles. Though the call could be a hoax or a prank call, the security agencies are ensuring every possible safety measure is taken for the safety of people at the airports and in the aircrafts.

The BCAS further mentioned, “In view of the above, APSU (Airport Security Unit)/ASG (Aviation Security Group) and all aircraft operators shall adopt the following (eight) measures with immediate effect."

Below are all the measures to be taken as per statement by BCAS:

 * Strict access control to regulate entry to terminal building, airside, all operational area and other aviation facilities.

* Intensive checking of vehicles entering car parking area to preclude possibility of car bomb attacks.

* Enhanced screening of passengers, staff and visitors including enhanced random screening at the main gate.

* Enhanced screening and protection of hold baggage, cargo, cargo terminal, catering, mails, etc.

* Surveillance through CCTV cameras as well as manual surveillance in and around the terminal building and operational areas.

* Quick reaction team and perimeter patrolling to be strengthened.

* Manning of all cargo gates and vehicle entry gates will be strengthened with strong-armed support.

* Any other security measures based on local intelligence inputs.

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