January 12, 2021, 6:26 PM

While addressing an All India Congress Committee (AICC) media briefing on Tuesday, General Secretary of Indian National Congress (INC) Randeep Singh Surjewala alleged that all four members of the committee formed by Supreme Court were supporters of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the farm laws.

He asked that how could the Supreme Court bring justice to the farmers, when all four members were opined to dismantle the three pillars of food security: Minimum Support Price (MSP), Public Distribution System and Public procurement. 
“After the eighth round of meeting with farmers, Shri Narendra Tomar, Minister of Agriculture, said let the farmers go to the Supreme Court, but those agitating on the borders refused to go to the SC.”
“The Hon’ble Supreme Court still took note of the farmers cry, their misery, their cries for livelihood and livelihood that is being supressed by Modi government, which is a subservient servant of a handful of crony capitalist friends,” he said.
“Yesterday and today important events are happening in the hon’ble SC of India, the bench headed by hon’ble Chief Justice of India took not of the agony of the farmers, showed the mirror of truth to the Modi government. “
“We thank the SC for their concern for the farmer’s agony and anguish and even farmers have thanked the SC.”
“SC has today temporarily stayed the implementation of the laws, but the demand of the farmers is simple and unequivocal, ‘repealing the three black laws.’ 
These laws subvert the constitutional rights and responsibilities of the State, and they are oriented towards dismantling the three pillars of food security: Minimum Support Price (MSP), Public Distribution System and Public procurement, which has benefitted the consumers and the farmers, and today the hon’ble SC constituted a committee to resolve the impasse that has happened where the government is so adamant and arrogant that it is not ready to repeal the laws,” Surjewala said.
“Each citizen of this country, including the farmers, hoped that now SC will intervene that something will happen. But when we look at the character, the stance, the ideology of these four members, all four members have taken a public stance and have sided with Modi government, that they stand for the implementation of the three black laws, that the farmers are agitating.”
“First person is Ashok Gulati, who has written articles that farmers are all misguided and the three black laws must be implemented. The second member of the committee PK Joshi has gone a step further and said that the entire architecture of public procurement and MSP must be finished.”
“Third member of the committee Anil Dhanwant, has also said that the farm laws must be immediately implemented. The fourth member of the committee, incidentally is also the chairman of the All Indian Kisan Coordination Committee, which I think is a petitioner before the SC demanding the implementation of the black laws, and is a supporter of PM Modi and the three black laws.”
“Question, is can you expect justice, from a committee of all four members of which, have already opined that the three black laws are correct and Modi government is right,” he said.

“This is gross injustice to the India’s farmers. The four members of this committee want all the three pillars of food security to be demolished. How would they do justice? What conversation would be held with them? We want to leave this question to every concerned citizens,” he added.

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