April 18, 2018, 11:20 PM

Nagpur adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers were seen having a happy time, on Sunday morning, at the unique initiative ‘Ambazari Parikrama’ organised by Marathi daily Maharashtra Times. Present at the venue to welcome people was Shripad Aparajit (Resident Editor, Maharashtra Times) along with the staff of the daily and several volunteers.

Speaking to about the initiative to Nation Next, Aparajit said, “It’s amazing that right in the heart of Nagpur we have such a huge and beautiful lake. Apart from being extremely beautiful, the lake is home to many different species of birds as well. Our intention was to highlight and sensitise people about the beauty of the area and take people close to nature."

As part of the initiative, people had to walk the entire Ambazari lake area of around 12 kms, starting from Swami Viveknanda Smarak to Ambazari garden, to complete the parikrama. Around 500 fitness enthusiasts and adventure lovers of all ages gathered near the Smarak at 5 am and at sharp 5:30 am they began walking. On their way, people encountered the irresistible charm of the area, which consisted of the soothing lake, the beautiful trees and flowers, various species of birds and a whiff of fresh air. Apart from walking and exploring the nature, some people along with representatives of Maharashtra Times, also sowed seeds and collected waste plastic during their walk.

After the long walk, people gathered near the garden area, where they were spotted taking foot massages at a stall put up by the Marathi daily. Speaking about the response from people to the initiative, Aparajit said, “Around 500 people were present the venue at 5 am in the morning. This is an indication that nature lovers are increasing in the city. That’s why it is all the more important that we realise the value of the beautiful spots we have within our city.” Talking about a reaction to the initiative by marriage counsellor, Aparajit added, “A marriage counsellor, who took part in our drive, jokingly told me that if a couple approaches him next time with a fight, we will simply tell them to do the parikrama. The moment they feel the beauty of Ambazari, everything will be fine between them!”

As all the people had their breakfast together, they gushed over the beauty of Ambazari and vowed to visit the place more often, which brought them close to nature and took them away from the daily hustle of life for a couple of hours.


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