March 15, 2020, 9:30 PM

Amid Coronavirus scare, Nagpur Police arrested two men on Friday for manufacturing and distributing fake hand sanitisers in the city. The men – Vicky Khanchandani (40) and Jitendra Mulani (42) – both residents of Jaripatka, started making the sanitisers as there is scarcity and high demand of hand sanitisers in the market due to the Coronavirus scare.

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As per the MIDC Police, Khanchandani and Mulani went to medical stores in Jaripatka and offered to sell hand sanitisers at a lower cost provided their identity was kept secret. One of the medical store owners got suspicious and informed Senior Police Inspector Hemant Kharabe. The store owner request anonymity.

Apart from arresting the two men, the police also confiscated the fake hand sanitiser bottles from the accused.

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