April 17, 2020, 12:23 AM
Homeless people at a shelter home in Nagpur

Making good use of the opportunity, Department of Social Welfare of the NMC (Nagpur Municipal Corporation) has commenced a commendable drive to make beggars and homeless in the city self-reliant. Under the ‘Deendayal Antyodata Yoajan,’ NMC is providing skill-based training to more than 1200 people, who are currently staying at around 20 shelter homes in the city because of the lockdown imposed to contain spread of coronavirus.

Speaking to Nation Next, Manish Soni, Public Relation Officer, NMC, said, “This unique initiative is a joint venture between of NMC, NULM (National Urban Livelihoods Mission) and Nagpur Police department. As part of the initiative, we shifted beggars, homeless and migrant labourers who lost their jobs to free urban shelter homes. We are training these people to make them self-reliant even after lockdown. These skill trainings include carpentry, knitting, shoe-making, building bird nests, culinary trainings, and many more.”

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Homeless people getting a haircut at a shelter home in Nagpur

What’s even more amazing is that NMC is also taking good care of these people and giving them a makeover. Soni added, “We are providing them with breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea, good clothes, new bedsheets, etc., so that they don’t have to live on streets. We are giving them makeover by trimming their beards and cutting their hair. These people are also undergoing Yoga classes and Zumba classes for their health and fitness.”

NMC Commissioner Tukaram Mundhe said, “These people are part of the community and NMC is conducting these skill development activities for them so that they live with dignity. People are being trained according to their interest areas.”

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