July 22, 2021, 2:30 PM

Ketki Tidke

Ketki Tidke

Associate Professor of Srimati Manoramabai Mundle College of Architecture, architect Ketki Tidke bagged the award of Best Teacher 2021 by Maharashtra Association of Schools of Architecture (MASA) at Pune recently.

Ketki went on to become the first person in the city to bag an award for Design Disciplines and Landscape Design.

Speaking to Nation Next, Ketki said, “It feels great to be recognised for a work that’s helping us connect with nature. People don’t have enough awareness about Landscape Designs but if architects come out with their respective work, showcase them, it’ll surely help us beat climate change.”

She added, “If we take up larger projects including working on public parks, townships, government projects, riverside projects, that impact is going to be massive.”

Ketki, who’s currently working on a private resort ‘Vannaj Resort and Spa’ at Pench, said, “When I work, I ensure I don’t just focus on the aesthetics part but also strive to bring a balance between ecology and my designs.”  

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