March 31, 2017, 8:13 PM
Arijit Singh who was scheduled to perform in Nagpur on April 1, 2017 will not be performing as his concert has been cancelled.
Arijit Singh. (Picture Source: Arijit's Singh Facebook page)

As feared by many, Arijit Singh's April 1 show in Nagpur turned out to be a bad April Fools’ Day joke for his fans. The show, which was in doldrums since the beginning, has finally got cancelled. Confirming the cancellation of the show, Arijit Singh's manager Tarsame Mittal told Nation Next that the show got cancelled as the organisers failed to fulfil the basic terms and conditions of the agreement between them and Arijit. "Initially, we were approached by Nagpur-based event organisers - Roopali Jambhulkar and Hardik Rai - to organise the show, and we struck a deal with them. Later, in a twist of events, a Nagpur businessman - Mahavir Kamdar and his associates – took over the event, but they couldn't pull it off as they lacked experience in the field. Arijit is feeling extremely sad because of the cancellation of the show. He says it's unfortunate that he's lost yet another opportunity to perform in front of his Nagpur fans," says Tarsame.

Earlier in 2014, Arijit's show in Nagpur (at YCCE) had got cancelled because of his health issues. "Last time, we had to cancel the Nagpur show at YCCE as Arijit had fallen ill. That's why he was eagerly looking forward to perform in Nagpur this time. Though we’ve asked the organisers to postpone the show instead of cancelling it, we don’t know about their plan of action,” says Tarsame.

Our sources associated with the event told us that the primary reason of the cancellation of the show was lack of funds. Apparently, the organisers failed to make the payments to Arijit Singh and the vendors, because of which they backed out. This cancellation is going to cost the vendors dearly as the cost of the show is supposed to be around rupees four crore. Speaking to Nation Next, Angadh Arora, the owner of Hotel Centre point, the hospitality partner of the Arijit Singh show, said, “It’s really disappointing for all of us involved in the show and the Nagpur’s music lovers. While this cancellation will result into massive losses to the vendors and organisers, it’ll also be a loss to the exchequer, as this show was supposed to give a huge entertainment tax collection to the government.”

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