February 14, 2017, 9:32 PM
Dr Darshana Pawar
Dr Darshana Pawar

Ask Your Gynaecologist – Dr Darshana Pawar

Ladies, we all have those so-called awkward questions that we are embarrassed to ask. But, it’s no excuse to ignore the health concerns about our lady parts. Forget the appointment with your gynaecologist now. Go ahead and discuss your problems related to pregnancy, menses, fertility, breast cancer, cervical cancer, menopause, etc., as Nation Next provides you this platform – Ask Your Gynaecologist – for the expert advice. Here are few questions that have been answered by one of the leading gynaecologists from Nagpur Dr Darshana Pawar:

→I’m 21 and I intend to get married in my late 20’s. I drink and smoke. I plan to conceive post 33 as I can foresee a flourishing career ahead. What can I do to not to face problems to conceive in the future?

Time and tide wait for no one nor does your biological clock, which ticks away!!! You obviously don’t have a healthy lifestyle since you drink and smoke, which causes aging of oocytes (eggs), predisposes you to health risks like cancer, high blood pressure, etc. If your career is your first priority, the only thing is to lead an extremely healthy life without alcohol, smoking, and safe sex with single partner along with regular exercising. But, it’s always better to have your first child before 30.

→I’m a 21-year-old unmarried girl from Nagpur. I’m in a relationship with a guy of my age. We have an active sex life and we don’t prefer using condom. I rely heavily on emergency contraceptive pills. What can be the future impact on my health? Will it affect my ability to conceive?

Of course it will!! Any hormone taken indiscriminately is going to affect your reproductive system. It’s safer to use combined contraceptive pill regularly instead of emergency contraception since you have an active sexual life. Condoms are highly recommended as they prevent sexually transmitted diseases too.

→I’m a 25-year-old unmarried girl from Nagpur. I’ll be getting married in another six months. How shall I increase my libido, as I want to enjoy my sex life to the fullest after I get married?

Why do think your libido is not good enough? Enjoying sex life depends on your partner, your relationship with him and your happiness in that relationship. Let the time come, see how things go naturally and then decide if you really need help.

→I’m a 24-year-old unmarried girl from Pune. I suffer from intermittent vaginal itching. I didn’t get it diagnosed but can it be a fungal infection? What can be the remedy for this?

If you are sexually not active then look for these causes - fungal infection, allergy to washing powder or using too much washing powder, mixing your underwear with other clothes during washing or cleaning vagina with water jet after urination.

Dr Darshana Pawar, a Nagpur based gynaecologist and an infertility consultant, is the director of Central India Fertility Centre and Well Women Clinic. For your questions , write us at ask@nationnext.in.

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