January 21, 2017, 1:50 AM
Dr Darshana Pawar
Dr Darshana Pawar
Ask Your Gynaecologist - Dr Darshana Pawar

Ladies, we all have those so-called awkward questions that we are embarrassed to ask. But, it’s no excuse to ignore the health concerns about our lady parts. Forget the appointment with your gynaecologist now. Go ahead and discuss your problems related to pregnancy, menses, fertility, breast cancer, cervical cancer, menopause, etc., as Nation Next provides you this platform - Ask Your Gynaecologist - for the expert advice. Here are few questions that have been answered by one of the leading gynaecologists from Nagpur Dr Darshana Pawar:

→ I’m an 18-year-old unmarried girl from Pune. I have three steady relationships and quite a few male friends, with whom I’m sexually quite active. I enjoy my sex life with my multiple partners but I’m a bit afraid that it can lead to fertility issues in future. If it is so, please give me a remedy and please don’t ask me to stop having sex with them as I really enjoy it.

Your question indicates that you are aware of the risks of multiple sexual partners. Unprotected sex is a great health risk, which you wish to enjoy. Not only can it lead to fertility issues due to various sexually transmitted diseases causing blockage of tubes but also cervical cancer (mouth of uterus).

The only remedy is a single sexual partner. Other important ways to prevent disease is - use of condoms, regular pap smears for early diagnosis of abnormal cells and cervical cancer vaccine.

→ I’m a 27-year-old unmarried woman from Nagpur. I feel a burning sensation while urinating when my periods are about to get over. The burning sensation lasts for about two days. Please suggest me a remedy for the same.

It’s a very common symptom due to change in vaginal acidity. Avoid washing the vagina from inside. You can apply coconut oil to soothe burning sensation.

→ I’m a 37-year-old married woman from Nagpur. I was diagnosed with umbilical hernia post my second caesarean delivery. I’m not on medication. My doctor has advised me to exercise regularly. What else can be done?

Umbilical hernia if ever becomes painful should be shown to a doctor immediately as it may need a surgery. It’s important to exercise but avoid heavy weight lifting in any form.

→ I’m 22, unmarried and I started menstruating since I was 13. Since then, I have a very heavy flow for eight days. My mother told me that it’s normal but I’m still curious to know the reason behind it?

Please get the following examinations done - sonography of uterus and ovaries, blood tests for haemoglobin and thyroid. If all these are normal, then don’t worry.

I’m a 20-year-old unmarried girl from Mumbai. I’m in a live-in relationship. I have sex daily because I have been told that daily sex leads to a zero figure. Could this habit of daily sex lead to any reproductive health issues?

Wow, wish it were so easy to get a zero figure!! Unprotected sex with multiple partners is a sure shot recipe for disaster (you or your partner having multiple partners). Please don’t believe such non-sense.

Dr Darshana Pawar, a Nagpur based gynaecologist and an infertility consultant, is the director of Central India Fertility Centre and Well Women Clinic. For your questions , write us at ask@nationnext.in.   For more updates, Click here!
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