February 13, 2019, 8:06 PM

DEHRADUN: With just one day to go for Valentine’s Day (February 14), members of Bajrang Dal have planned to film videos of couples who indulge in ‘indecent acts’ at public places in Dehradun. Also, to prevent any ‘unethical incident,’ the group plans to make videos of harassers and stalkers and submit to the cops.

The group would be deploying around 250 people at public places to record videos. The members have however assured that they wouldn’t reveal the identity of the couples by keeping their faces blurred. Vikas Verma, convenor of Dehradun unit said that the group would will blur faces in the videos or only shoot their legs so that nobody misuses the videos.

As per reports, a police officer said that offenders would have to face the music, as police wouldn’t tolerate any kind of moral policing by Bajrang Dal or anybody else.

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