March 13, 2020, 8:35 PM
Parents outside Centre Point School

Nagpur: As reported, panic-struck parents rushed to Centre Point School, Amravati Road, Bypass at Dabha, after a student’s father tested positive for Coronavirus in Nagpur. It was said that the parents on Thursday started taking back their children from the school back home fearing the spread of Coronavirus. However, a statement was released by Centre Point School saying all necessary precautions to disinfect the school were taken and there was no need to worry.

Parents outside Centre Point School

Soon videos of parents gathered outside the school gate in huge numbers emerged. However, as per Radhika Rajwade, Director at Centre Point Group of Schools and Colleges, the parents had come to pick up their children after their board exams and the pictures and videos were being misconstrued.

Rajwade, in a conversation with Nation Next, did a fact check by saying:

⇒Reports suggest pictures and videos claiming panic-struck parents were taking their children home due to Coronavirus. Fact: The children were leaving the premises after their board exam was over.

⇒Reports claimed that a health worker was taking children’s samples. Fact: Those were boxes of ‘Robotics kits’ that were being taken out by the vendor. ⇒Also, it was claimed that a security was deployed for managing the crowd that was getting out of control. Fact: As per CBSE rules, police has to be present during board exams.

Rajwade further said, “What sort of journalism are we calling this? In a time like this when we should all be coming together and preventing rumours and bringing calm in society, how does this falsehood help?”

The school management had also issued a statement on the same by saying:

“Dear Parents,

As many of you are already aware, the first coronavirus case of Nagpur happens to be a parent of a child at CPS Amravati Road Bypass, Dabha.

We would like to inform you that the child has not been coming to school and she and her family have been quarantined and are being tested by the authorities.

Meanwhile, the school has taken all necessary precautions to disinfect the campus. We are in constant touch with the local authorities and they believe there is no reason to close school yet. We seek your cooperation and urge you not to create panic in this situation. However, if your child displays symptoms of cold, cough or congestion, we ask that you keep them at home for their own safety. We will keep you updated with any developments, as needed.”

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