February 21, 2018, 8:25 PM

A class 7 student of a well-known private school in Gurugram was suspended on Tuesday after he allegedly threatened to rape a teacher and her daughter in an online post. The daughter studies with the boy in his class. In another incident, a class 8 student of the same school reportedly asked a teacher out for a candlelight dinner and sex. Both the incidents reportedly took place last week.

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The school announced the decision to suspend the Class 7 student in a statement released on Tuesday. It is however not clear whether any action was taken against the class 8 student or not. As per a report in Hindustan Times, the school statement said this about the suspension: "A thorough investigation was carried out and stern action was taken, including suspension along with mandated counselling. The school has a zero-tolerance policy towards such acts.”

As the per the same HT report, Gurugram Child Welfare Committee Chairperson Shakuntla Dhull has said that the committee would send a notice to the school and investigate the incidents.

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