June 12, 2018, 4:23 AM
Congress President Rahul Gandhi, while addressing a gathering in New Delhi, said that Coca Cola was started by a man who once sold ‘Shikanji’ or lemonade.
Indian National Congress President Rahul Gandhi (Photo Source: Reuters)

Congress President Rahul Gandhi, today, while addressing a gathering of OBC party workers in New Delhi, claimed that Coca-Cola was started by an American who once sold ‘Shikanji’ or lemonade. Gandhi made the bizarre reference while attacking PM Narendra Modi’s policies and his government’s failure to provide ample job opportunities to the youth in India.

Gandhi, while explaining the origin of Coca-Cola said, “Everybody must have heard about the Coca-Cola Company. Who started the company? Who was he? Does anyone know? I will tell you who he was. The person who started the Coca-Cola used to sell 'shikanji' in America. He used to mix sugar in water. His experience and talent was honoured and he got money and started the Coca-Cola Company.”

Going a step further, Gandhi also explained the origin of the fast food brand McDonald’s. Gandhi said, “You must have heard about McDonald’s company, which is seen everywhere. Who started it and what did he do? He used to run a 'dhaba' (roadside restaurant). You show me that 'dhaba-wala' in India who has created a company like Coca-Cola. Where is it?"

The Congress President also gave examples of Ford and Honda and said that they were mechanics. He said, “It was a mechanic. Ford and Honda were mechanics. You show me an automobile company in India that was started by a mechanic. Where is it? It is not that our people, our 'dhaba-wallahs' do not have sense and strength. It is not that India's mechanics did not have the potential as that of Ford or Mercedes. It is that if the doors of bank are open for Ford, Mercedes, then the doors of banks and politics are shut for our 'dhabawalas', mechanics and 'dhobis' and other backwards.”

Needless to say, Gandhi’s analogies had Twitterati in splits and the Congress President was trolled mercilessly. Soon after he made the comments, #AccordingToRahulGandhi was trending on Twitter. Here are some of the gems from Twitter.

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