March 19, 2020, 1:19 AM

The number of positive cases of Coronavirus in India rose to 151 (including 25 foreign nationals) on Wednesday. Among all the affected states and union territories in India, Maharashtra, with a total number of 42 (39 nationals and 3 foreign nationals) cases, has the most number of positive cases in the country.

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The numbers of cases (including nationals and foreign nationals) in other states and union territories are as follows: Andhra Pradesh (1), Delhi (10), Haryana (17), Karnataka (11), Kerala (27), Odisha (1), Pondicherry (1), Punjab (1), Rajasthan (4), Tamil Nadu (1), Telangana (6), Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir (3), Union Territory of Ladakh (8), Uttar Pradesh (15), Uttarakhand (1) and West Bengal (1).

So far 14, people affected by the virus have been treated and discharged. Three people (one each from Delhi, Karnataka and Maharashtra) have lost their lives because of coronavirus in India.

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