May 11, 2020, 4:01 AM

As on May 10, while the COVID-19 cases in India have crossed 63,000, the death toll in the country due to coronavirus has crossed 2,100. While the cumulative mortality rate of the country stands at 3.35%, at 9.57 % West Bengal state has the highest rate of mortality in India according to the data by Medical Education and Drugs Department.

West Bengal, which has more than nearly 1,800 cases of coronavirus currently, has witnessed 171 deaths because of the virus. If we compare data of states having more than 1,000 cases, Gujarat (7,796 cases) has a mortality rate of 6.05, Madhya Pradesh (3,614 cases) has a rate of 5.95% and Maharashtra (20,228 cases) has a rate of 3.85%. With more than 20,000 cases out of the total 63,000 in India, Maharashtra has the highest number of cases in India. More than 12,000 of these 20,000 cases are in Mumbai itself.

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Again, keeping in mind at least 1,000 cases, Tamil Nadu (6,535 cases) has a mortality rate of just 0.67%, Delhi (6,542 cases) has a rate of 1.12% and Punjab (1,762 cases) has a mortality rate of 1.76%.

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