April 2, 2020, 5:15 AM

In order to keep a check on people instructed to quarantine themselves at home to curb spread of COVID-19, Karnataka government issued a circular on Monday asking all the people under home quarantine to send their selfies every hour from their homes to the government.

As per the circular, home quarantined people have to send their selfies using the quarantine watch mobile application, which will enable the government to track their locations. If these people fail to send selfies every hour, they have been warned that they can be put into mass quarantine centres. The order is mandatory for those in a 14-day home quarantine because of COVID-19.

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The circular read, “All persons under order of home quarantine shall send their selfie to (the) government every one hour from home.”

The statement further read: "If the home quarantine person fails to send selfie every one hour (except sleeping time from 10 pm to 7 am) then government team will reach such defaulters and they are liable to be shifted to the government created mass quarantine.”

The decision came after ten people in Bengaluru fled their native places despite being home quarantined.

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