April 9, 2020, 3:04 AM

COVID-19 tests at private labs across India should be made free, orders Supreme Court...

The Supreme Court (SC) ordered private medical labs across the country to not charge patients for COVID-19 testing. The tests whether in approved government laboratories or in approved private laboratories shall be free of cost for all. SC on Wednesday said the tests should be carried out in NABL accredited labs or any agencies that have been approved by WHO or ICMR.

SC in its order stated, “We find prima facie substance in the submission of petitioner that at this time of national calamity permitting private Labs to charge Rs.4500 for screening and confirmation test of COVID-19 may not be within means of a large part of population of this country and no person be deprived to undergo the COVID-19 test due to nonpayment of capped amount of Rs 4500. It is submitted before us that insofar as Government Laboratories are concerned the COVID-19 test is conducted free of cost.” Whether the government will reimburse the private labs or not would be decided later.

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