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Who doesn’t like those cute little packets of wet wipes from the store? But, what pinches the pocket is the fact that they are getting over priced! Moreover, they come with harsh chemicals, which not only damages the furniture but also dries out the skin. These wet wipes definitely burn a hole into one’s pocket as they get over easily and have to be bought again and again.

Here’s the list of ingredients with which you can create your own DIY wipes at home!

Things required:

* A canister with a plastic-lid

* Paper towel-roll

* A sharp knife or a pair of scissors

  • 1/2 cup vinegar
  • 1/4th rubbing alcohol
  • 1/4th cup of warm water
  • 1 teaspoon of liquid dishwasher
  • 10 drops of essential oil

How to go about it -

DIY wet wipes

Step 1- Take a canister with a plastic lid and spray paint or decorate it the way you want to and keep it aside for drying. By doing this, the canister will have a long life and will also prevent it from rusting. Coloured cans add to the beauty of your kitchen and also, it helps in keeping the wet wipes mess.

DIY wet wipes
Pic Source: Survival Right

Step 2 - Take a roll of a high-quality paper towel and cut it into two pieces using a knife. While cutting the paper-roll, make sure to measure the size of the can and cut it accordingly. Put the roll into the painted can. Keep the required things handy.

DIY wet wipes
Pic Source: The Make Your Own Zone

Step 3: Mix together vinegar, liquid dishwasher, rubbing alcohol, and warm water in a small bowl. Few drops of essential oil on the wipes can be added as they help in boosting the antibacterial powers and help your hands from drying frequently.

DIY wet wipes
Pic Source: Our Thrifted Nest

Step 4 - Slowly pour the entire mixture onto the towels, making sure it reaches all ends and even at the bottom of the can. Once soaked, carefully remove the cardboard, which is placed in between the paper-towel roll and discard the cardboard.

DIY wet wipes
Pic Source: Etsy

Step 5 - Carefully, pull a paper from the middle of roll, from where you’ve discarded the cardboard. With the help of a scissor, make a small hole of about half centimeter at the centre of the plastic lid.

DIY wet wipes
Pic Source: KuchV

Step 6 - Put the lid back on the can and pull out the wet wipes through it.

PS: If the wipes are drying soon, keep spraying warm water inside the canister to keep them moist.

These are not only recommended for kitchen cook-tops but can be kept all around the house including your bedroom. Vinegar helps in cleaning up the mess and naturally kills germs, thus preventing molds. The essential oil maintains the balance of the skin and helps preventing it from drying.

These homemade wet wipes are affordable and helps one in long run without getting over soon.

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