December 4, 2021, 6:55 PM

In a shocking incident, a doctor allegedly killed his wife, a son and a daughter in their home in Uttar Pradesh.
The horrifying incident took place in the Kalyanpur area of Kanpur, on Friday evening, December 3.
The accused identified as Dr Sushil Kumar, the head of the forensics department at a hospital in Kanpur, allegedly killed his 48-year-old wife, 18-year-old son and 15-year-old daughter and then messaged his brother asking him to call the police.
As per reports, Dr Kumar was fighting depression since long. According to the police, he is on the run as of now.
On reaching the spot, the police sent the three bodies for a post-mortem examination. A blood-stained hammer, identified as one of the murder weapons was also found in the vicinity.
In the diary found nearby, the accused had reportedly referred to 'an incurable disease' he was suffering from.
What amazed the cops was that the doctor had written a message in the dairy, which mentioned, “Omicron will kill everyone. I don’t want to count dead bodies now. COVID-19 is far from getting cured.
As per a report, he wrote in the diary that he could leave his family in trouble and, hence, he had set everyone on the path of liberation.

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