October 13, 2021, 3:51 PM

So here's a list of 10 places in our city, which every person interested in knowing more about Nagpur must go to. Writing the names as they're labelled on Google maps for the ease of finding locations. 

1. Telankhedi Garden

2. Telankhedi Shiv Temple
The garden remains open only in the morning. Visiting the garden earlier the better. 

3. Murlidhar Temple Sonegaon
The lake is well known and just beside the lake is this large forested area best for walks, jogs and strolls. Once a Royal Garden, Sonegaon Baag was one of the Charbaag gardens in 18th century Nagpur. Classic example of temples then, now along with ruins of the garden lying around.

4.Buti Mandir  
One of the largest and underrated temple complexes in Nagpur is located here and just a few steps away from Nag Nadi Sangam. Buti temple is a quiet and secluded place ironically situated in the Bardi Market in the lane of Bank of India Jhansi Rani square.

5. Bhonde Mahadev Temple
The temple is a part of colonial history of Nagpur; the temple was once a part of Dandige wada. Detailed carvings with a prominent Rajasthani influence are worth seeing. 

6. Senior Bhonsla Palace
Mahal, once the seat of the Rulers of Nagpur gets its name from the Bhonsle Rajwada that burnt down in 1864. A new palace was then constructed; home to the Nagpur's royal family till this day. 

7. Rukhmini Temple 
Behind Bhonsla palace lies the crowning jewel among city's temples with the most intricate carvings.

8.Central Museum Nagpur
The museum needs no introduction but it certainly lacks visitors. Objects here are worth everything you'd expect from a museum. 

9. Maharani Sati Kashibai Ghat
Cremation ground of the Bhonsle family, this place has cenotaphs of the royals right from Raghuji I. D.1755. 

10. Chitnavis Wada
The only surviving wada in a good conserved state. Visiting this place may require a prior permission, which they give easily. Not many Maratha-era wada survive today.
(Photos by: Atharva Shivankar)

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