January 16, 2021, 3:02 PM

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on Saturday, launched the most awaited nation-wide vaccination drive against COVID-19 via video conferencing. 
Modi had said that it would be the world’s largest vaccination drive, which would be covering the entire length and breadth of the country.
A total of 3006 session sites across all States and Union Territories would be virtually connected during the launch. 
And around 100 beneficiaries would be vaccinated at each session site today, Union Health Ministry informed. 
“Today, many of those scientists, who are involved in the vaccine research and making the COVID-19 vaccine for the past several months, deserve a special praise,” PM Modi said. 
“Usually, it takes about years to develop a vaccine. However, in such a short notice, not one but two vaccines were developed and are ready to be launched in India.”
“I would like to remind you again, that it is very important to administer two doses of COVID-19 vaccine. A gap of one month should be maintained between the first and second dose. In Just two weeks after the second dose, your body would develop necessary strength against the virus.”
“Don’t make the mistake of ignoring the second dose of COVID-19 vaccine,” he said. 
“Never before has this type of vaccination and such a large-scale vaccination campaign been run in history. There are more than 100 countries in the world, whose population is less than 30 million. And India is vaccinating its three crore citizens in the first phase of vaccination,” he said. 
“In the second phase, we have to take it to 30 crores. Those who are elderly, who are suffering from serious illness, would get vaccinated in the first phase. 
You can imagine, there are only three million countries in the world above population of 300 million which are: India, China and America.”
“Our medical system and India’s scientists, who developed the vaccines, have a lot of credibility in India’s major process throughout the world. We have gained the trust of the world through our track record.”
“Our fight with corona has been self-confident and self-reliant (Aatmanirbhar). To fight this tough battle, we would not let our confidence shaken, this pledge has been reflected in every Indian today,” he said.
“During the crisis, in the atmosphere of despair, our doctors, nurses, paramedical staff, ambulance drivers, Asha workers, sweepers, police and many other frontline workers kept transmitting home. They endangered their lives in order to save us,” PM Modi added. 
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