February 3, 2019, 6:41 PM

In a spine-chilling incident, 45-year-old Milind aka Sonu Sadashiv Hinge, under the influence of alcohol, killed his 60-year-old mother Mamta at Somalwada, Nagpur. The horrific incident took place last evening at around 5:30 pm at his residence in Mahatama Phule Nagar at Somalwada.

Manohar Kotnake, Senior PI at Sonegaon Police Station told Nation Next, “Milind had been drinking alcohol since many years. He would regularly beat up his parents. After getting drunk, he broke his mother’s head with kavelu (rooftop tiles), after which she started bleeding profusely. Milind’s sister, Pratibha Kumbhalwar, informed us about the incident, after which we immediately reached the spot and rushed his mother to the hospital. Unfortunately she succumbed to the injuries and died in the hospital. We’ve arrested Milind and have charged him under Section 302 (punishment for murder) in the Indian Penal Code.”

Kotnake further said, “He used to beat up his wife too, because of which she along with her child, left Milind almost seven years ago.”

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