January 19, 2021, 5:30 PM

Addressing an All India Congress Committee press conference at party headquarters in Delhi on Tuesday, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi took a dig at the Central government over three new farm laws, stating that they were designed to destroy Indian agriculture. 
He said that the country was now owned by a small group of crony capitalists, who provide the Prime Minister with media support.
During the briefing, Rahul Gandhi also released a booklet titled ‘Kheti ka Khoon,’ highlighting the plight of farmers in the country. 
“We have seen it when it comes to airports, infrastructure, power, telecom, retail, across the board. What we are watching is the development of massive monopolies in this country. I mean that 4-5 people are now owning this country. This country is now owned by a limited small group of people who I term as crony capitalists, who have a close relationship with the Prime Minister and who provide him with media support,” the Congress MP said.
“The biggest business in this country is Agriculture. 60% of our people are in agriculture and in terms of value, agriculture is by far the biggest hit. Now we are witnessing that the last bastion which was protected from monopoly is now being overrun.”
“Three new laws have been passed. They are designed to destroy Indian agriculture, by destroying the Mandi, Essential Commodities Act, and by making sure that no Indian farmer can go to court to project himself,” he added.
“There is a tragedy unfolding in our country today. The government wants to ignore this tragedy. It wants to misinform people about this tragedy but the truth is a huge tragedy is unfolding. I am not just talking about the farmers, because that is only a part of that tragedy,” he further said. 

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