February 6, 2021, 6:52 PM

Maharashtra Cabinet Minister Sunil Kedar, on Saturday, while speaking at the ‘Chakka-Jam’ protest in his constituency Saoner, said that the on-going farmer’s protest at the Delhi- Haryana border is the biggest movement against any government since India’s independence.
The Opposition parties organised ‘Chakka- Jam’ protest across the nation to support agitating farmers against Centre’s farm laws.
“In 2014, BJP promised to double farmer’s income, all I can see is the opposite. We produce more grain than anyone else in the world, still, our farmers are committing suicide,” Said Kedar.
The Congress leader attacked Centre with his words and said, “They (BJP) can’t see the pain of our farmers. We must unite and fight against them. Congress stands with farmers, we will take this fight to the end.”

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