October 15, 2021, 3:16 PM

Petrol and diesel prices in India were hiked once again after a brief pause of two days.
On Friday, October 15, in Delhi NCR, petrol prices stood at ₹105.14 per litre after an increase of ₹0.35 paise.
Also, the price of diesel was raised by the same amount to ₹93.87 per litre.
In India’s financial capital Mumbai, petrol prices were raised by ₹0.34 to ₹111.09 per litre, and diesel by ₹0.37 to ₹101.78 per litre.
In Nagpur, which happens to be the second capital of Maharashtra, petrol prices stood at ₹110.98 per litre and diesel was priced at ₹99.61 per litre.
Compared to Mumbai, Delhi and Nagpur, petrol rates were the highest in Amravati costing ₹112.28 per litre.
Fuel prices depend upon the crude oil rates in the international market and the rupee-dollar exchange rates.
Fuel prices differ from state to state depending on the incidence of local taxes.
Following are the rates of petrol and diesel (per litre) in different major cities of India.
Kolkata- ₹105.76 and ₹96.98, Chennai- ₹102.40 and ₹98.26, Bengaluru- ₹108.80 and ₹99.63, Hyderabad- ₹109.37 and ₹102.42 respectively.

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