December 4, 2021, 4:15 PM

Xtreme Akhaada will be conducting another edition of its action-packed MMA event 'WAR 2.0' (Warriors and Ragers 2.0) at Nimbuzz 9 in Nagpur on December 25 in association with Nation Next as the media partner. The event, which will feature 26 MMA fighters, will be held from 7 pm to 11 pm. There will be 18 fights and seven winners in this edition of WAR. The first edition of WAR was organised in Nagpur in the month of August in 2021. Much like the first edition, the second edition will also feature fighters from various parts of the country. 

From left: Vishesh Agrawal, Deepak Udair and Rohit Buty during the first edition of WAR

From left: Vishesh Agrawal, Deepak Udair and Rohit Buty during the first edition of WAR

Xtreme Akhaada is a venture by businessmen Rohit Buty and Vishesh Agrawal and mixed martial arts professional Deepak Udair. The three men have have joined hands to form Xtreme Akhaada, which aims at promoting the sport of MMA at a national level while giving players a chance to show their skills and potential.

Speaking about Xtreme Akhaada and the activities it plans to conduct, Rohit Buty said: "India is still unexposed to the world of Mixed Martial Arts and we have come to realize the massive untapped potential that our fighters here have to offer. We plan to take our baby – WAR - Warriors and Ragers - to every city in India before we conquer the globe."

Vishesh Agarwal said: "Don’t think about our fight nights as just MMA. Think about it as a 4-5 hour entertainment event, which you enjoy with your friends and family clubbed with multiple high adrenaline acts and programs with the main focus – LIVE MMA Fights. We don’t want thousands of spectators but what we want is limited, passionate crowd so that we can get our spectators as close to the action as possible."

Agrawal added: "This is a rich man’s spectator sport and our events cater to such a crowd with full hospitality. Courtesy of our legal team, all our events function smoothly and our company is well protected. Unlike various other MMA Events across India, our business model is a bit different and our investors and sponsors are very happy with our deliverables."

Speaking about his love for mixed martial arts, Deepak Udair said: "I have dedicated my entire life to martial arts. I am a Black Belt in Taekwondo (3rd Dan, International Coach and Referee), I have trained in MMA for two years in Japan and I currently teach over 100+ students the 'art' of MMA. It has always been my dream to give an opportunity and platform to Indian fighters to compete, as MMA is still underappreciated and undervalued in India.

My dream is to train an Indian to become the world champion and through our company and WAR we intend to realize this dream. So far, we have inventory of more than 200+ fighters who wish to compete in our events and the numbers keep growing. We ensure that all the competing fighters are medically vetted, insured and certified to compete as well as protected by our team of competent doctors and ambulance on ground to ensure that all participants are safe and not harmed in any way. ”

If you wish to attend the event or want to make a reservation, you can call +918459937628. Attendees can opt to buy tickets with respect to: sponsor lounge access (capacity: 12 persons), VIP lounge access (capacity: 12 persons) and tier seating (Seating based on first come first serve basis only). Needless to say, the rates for all the three categories differ. 

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