September 22, 2021, 12:14 PM

In a terrifying incident, four members of the same family attached to the transport business were brutally murdered while they were asleep.
The incident happened on Tuesday, 21st September, in Churdi village of Tiroda taluka, Gondia.
The deceased included father Revchand Bisen (51), mother Matrata Bisen (45), daughter Pornima Bisen (20) and son Tejas Bisen (17).
As per reports, Bisen family was attached to transport business. They transported ration grains for the government.
On early morning of 21st September, goons entered their house through the back door and killed the four while they were asleep.
They smashed heads of the family members and left the father hanging to make it look like suicide.
The dead of the mother was left on another bed, while dead bodies of brother and sister were left on the other bed.
However, 90-year-old mother of Revchand Bisen, Khemnabai Bisen survived this attack as she was sleeping in other room unknown to the goons.
A driver, who worked for the family, saw the dead bodies in the house when he came to pick up keys of the tractor. Panicked driver alerted the cops, who then rushed to scene.
According to officials, this was a planned murder. It might be due to rivalry in business, but, nothing could be said for sure.
Officers have begun their probe in the matter. Further investigation is in progress.

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