July 26, 2021, 2:15 PM

Guardian Minister Dr Nitin Raut, on July 25, inaugurated Advance Diagnostics Pathlab (ADPL) for COVID RT-PCR testing at Kamla Towers at Indora Square in Nagpur. ADPL, which is owned by Dr Major Shantanu Mukerji, is north Nagpur's first COVID RT-PCR lab and can return the results of the test in just four hours.

ADPL was inaugurated by Dr Raut in the presence of guest of honour Dr Shankar Khobragade (consulting physician and diabetologist), Sourav Mukerji (lab director) and friends and family members of Dr Mukerji.

ADPL is a fully equipped and high quality molecular automated lab, which is accredited by NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories) and approved by ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research). ADPL conforms to the standards and regulations laid down by ISO 15189:2012 and other relevant legislations of regulatory bodies.

The lab is one of a kind in Nagpur as it can return results of a COVID RT-PCR test within four hours. Operating at its maximum capacity, ADPL can test around 1,000 samples in one day and return the results on the same day itself.

Dr Major Shantanu Mukerji

Dr Major Shantanu Mukerji

Speaking about the same, Dr Mukerji said, "At ADPL, DNA and RNA extractions from a sample happen through a machine, whereas in most labs they are done manually. While manual extraction can take up to one and half hours, at our lab, we can do it under 30 minutes.

96 samples can be checked at the same time with the help of the machine. After the extraction, it takes around two hours for the results. Total turnaround time for the report is four hours. So, if we do the extractions around seven times a day, we can do around 700 tests in just a matter of few hours. At full capacity, we can do 1,000 tests a day and return results the same day."

Dr Mukerji added: "Because the entire process is automated, there is no scope for contamination and hence the quality of report is very high. The method is very fast and accurate. The results are also uploaded to ICMR automatically in real time through a software." 

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