June 10, 2021, 4:31 PM

Sushant Singh Rajput

Sushant Singh Rajput

The Delhi High Court on Thursday rejected a plea by Sushant Singh Rajput's father KK Singh and refused to stay a film called - Nyay: The Justice - based on the late actor.

KK Singh has approached the court seeking to restrain anyone using his son’s name, likeness, images, caricature, personal life and other aspects in any movie. Apart from Nyay: The Justice, other film projects mentioned in KK Singh's plea are ‘Suicide or Murder: A star was lost’, ‘Shashank’ and an unnamed crowd-funded film. Nyay: The Justice was scheduled to release on June 11.

The suit filed by KK Singh has sought damages of over Rs 2 crores from the filmmakers for 'loss of reputation, mental trauma and harassment' to Rajput’s family. The suit claimed: "The defendants (filmmakers), taking advantage of this situation, have been trying to encash this opportunity for ulterior motives. Thus, plaintiff (Singh) has apprehension that various plays, movies, web-series, books, interviews or other material may be published which would harm the reputation of the son of the plaintiff and his family."

The suit has also claimed that in case a 'movie, web-series, book or any other content of similar nature is allowed to be published or broadcasted, it would affect the right of the victim and deceased for a free and fair trial as it may cause prejudice to them.'

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