September 25, 2021, 7:43 PM

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, today, on September 25, addressed the General Assembly of the United Nations in USA. This was the fourth time he addressed the UN in person since he became the Prime Minister in 2014.
He began his address by saying, “I represent a country, which is known as the mother of democracy.”
Here are some of the major statements given by PM Modi in his address.
1. When India grows, the world grows. When India prospers, the world transforms.
2. In India, UPI is currently having over 350 core online transactions in a year, which is strengthening the cashless economy.
3. CoWin portal is giving digital support for the administration of more than 1 crore Covid vaccines per day.
4. Even with limited resources, India is committed to developing and manufacturing vaccines. India has made the worlds’ first DNA vaccine that can be given to anyone above 12 years of age. Scientists in India are also developing a nasal COVID-19 vaccine.
5. India has once again resumed exporting its COVID-19 vaccine to the countries, which are in desperate need. I invite scientists from across the world to come and make vaccines in India.
6. Technology is the driving force of this new era. But, we should all focus on ‘technology with democratic values.’
7. India is in the process of producing 450 GW of renewable energy. We are also in the process of making India the world’s biggest ‘green hydrogen hub.’
8. Regressive thinking and extremism is a dangerous weapon against democracy, which is growing day by day.
9. To mark 75 years of our countries’ independence, India will send 75 satellites in the space made by Indian students in schools and colleges.
10. Terrorism is the biggest threat to the world. Afghanistan’s land is being used for terrorism. We have to be aware that no other country should use Afghanistan’s situation for its own benefit. People there need our help. We all should do our duty of helping them.
11. We should rather ‘use’ our ocean resources than ‘abusing’ them.
12. UN should protect global order, relations and laws.
13. There are many questions, which raise concern on the UN’s effectiveness- the origin of COVID-19, proxy wars, terrorism and the Afghanistan crisis.
14. Quoting Guru Rabindranath Tagore, I would like to say that the UN and every other responsible nation in this world should walk on the path of honesty and perform good karma, by doing so, the difficulties in their way can disappear.

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