April 6, 2020, 11:07 PM

Nagpur-based Hotel Centre Point has offered its guest rooms and meals for medical fraternity to help them fight against COVID-19 outbreak.
Hotel Centre Point, Nagpur

In an inspiring gesture, Nagpur-based Hotel Centre Point has offered its guest rooms, duty meals and pick-up and drop services for medical fraternity to help the administration in the fight against COVID-19 outbreak. Hotel Centre Point has already been distributing cooked food to underprivileged children as part a massive drive initiated by Nagpur Police.

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Micky Arora (File Photo/Nation Next)

In a letter addressed to Nagpur District Divisional Commissioner Sanjeev Kumar, Jasbir Singh Arora affectionately known as Micky Arora (Managing Director, Centre Point Hospitality) offered the services of the hotel for the medical fraternity.

The letter read:

The world is fighting against the global pandemic of COVID-19, and we appreciate the effort of Indian Government, which has taken the bold yet essential step to lockdown the entire country in order to contain the virus. In these tough times, we are profoundly aware of our responsibility towards our community. As a reflection of our commitment towards our Nation, we have started the distribution of cooked foods to the underprivileged children under the guidance of ‘Corona NGO Police Administration.’

We are also proud of our doctors, paramedic, nurses, and other related workforce in the medical fraternity who are going beyond the call of their duty by putting themselves at risk and working continuously to cure people of this highly contagious illness. They are also isolating themselves in their own home off duty hours for the safety of their family.

Beholding into this unprecedented situation, it makes us more responsive to the citizens of our city. Beginning today, we would like to offer our guest rooms along with off duty meals for the medical fraternity to stay while they combat the spread of the virus. In case, a pick up is required from the hospital to the hotel, we would also facilitate the same. We believe our small contribution will help the frontline warriors have a comfortable stress free stay.

I would once again take this opportunity to salute all the brave hearts dealing with this dangerous pandemic without worrying about their personal lives and family members.

Please be rest assured that Centre Point Hospitality is with the city administration during these trying times and always ready to contribute wherever required under our capacity. Please feel free to get in touch with us for any requirements.

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