September 30, 2021, 3:24 PM

In a progressive move towards beating the COVID-19 pandemic, the Government Medical College Hospital of Nagpur, received the approval of conducting the human trials of the nasal spray to treat COVID-19 patients.
A few days back, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had announced in his address to the United Nations General Assembly that India would soon begin experimenting with the usage of nasal spray to treat COVID-19.
The manufacturer of the spray claimed that those who had tested COVID-19 positive (RT-PCR) up to 48-hours, could cure themselves by using the spray six times a day for three days.
Developed by SaNotize Research and Development Corporation- a Canadian firm, the trials of the nitric oxide nasal spray would be sponsored by Glenmark Pharmaceuticals.
As per reports, 45 citizens out of 90, who would be enrolled, would be given the nasal spray treatment at GMCH Nagpur.
A similar kind of spray was developed by a firm in Switzerland named antibody cocktail by Roche. It showed successful results upon trials. However, the nitric oxide nasal spray would be much cheaper than it.
Experts claimed that the nitric oxide nasal spray had shown a 99% reduction of the effect of the virus at the end of the third day of the treatment.

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