April 4, 2020, 9:08 PM

Stephan von Dassel

Stephan von Dassel, Mayor of Berlin district in Germany, has said that he contracted coronavirus ‘almost on purpose’ from his girlfriend to become immune from the virus.

53-year-old Stephan said, “I was ill longer than I thought. I got infected almost on purpose to develop immunity and thought I’ll be a bit sick for three days and then I’ll be immune to the virus. I can’t catch it and won’t pass it on to anyone, but it was a lot worse than I imagined.”

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Defending his decision as ‘responsible’, the 53 year old tweeted, “Perhaps my statement on the radio today was misleading, but my behavior was and is responsible. I was, am and remain in quarantine, until I’m no longer infectious.”

He also explained that he needed to be quarantined with his partner anyway with whom he shares the apartment, and catching the virus was almost ‘unavoidable.’

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