February 7, 2021, 7:51 PM

Singer Ishaan Khan’s song ‘De Ijaazat,’ which was uploaded online by BLive Music on February 6, has started trending worldwide on YouTube within a day of its upload. The song, featuring TikTok star Faisal Sheikh aka Mr Faisu and actress Ruhi Singh, is receiving rave reviews from music lovers.

Speaking to Nation Next, Mikhil Chandiramani, Vice President of BLive, informed, “The song is trending worldwide on different spots in different parts of the world. In Spain and Pakistan, the song is among the top songs.”

An elated Ishaan, who has not only sung but also composed and written the song, told Nation Next: “It feels great that song is trending worldwide. Finally, my efforts are paying off!” Ishaan, whose earlier songs have garnered millions of views on the BLive YouTube Channel, said that the casting of Faisu and Ruhi was most apt for his song. Ishaan further informed that he will be releasing his next song soon.

While ‘De Ijaazat’ has been created by Mahesh Kukreja, it has been produced by Sanjay Kukreja and co-produced by Varsha Kukreja and Jeetesh Rakheja.

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