February 27, 2017, 1:17 AM

Itni Si Baat - a novel written by Nagpur author Chaitali Bangre and based on the real life Hindu-Muslim love story of a Nagpur based couple - Advocate Firdos Mirza and Mehwash Mirza - was unveiled recently. Former MP and Chairman of Lokmat Media Private Limited  - Vijay Darda - and President of NGO Jan Manch and President of High Court Bar Association of Nagpur  - Advocate Anil Kilor - unveiled the book in presence of several Nagpur book lovers. Along with Advocate Mirza and his wife, also present at the occasion was Advocate Mirza's father senior Advocate Tasli Baig Mirza. Itni Si Baat is Chaitali's second book after her debut novel - Way To Fall In Love And Dreams.

Before the book was unveiled a small video was played which carried people's thoughts on inter-religion marriages in India, particularly Hindu-Muslim marriages and experiences of those who married out of their religion. Speaking about the book before the unveiling, Chaitali in an address to people spoke about her experiences penning down the book and also thanked the Mirzas for allowing her to share their love story by penning it down.

After the unveiling of the book, when Vijay Darda took to the dais, he not only spoke about inter-religion marriages and its necessity but also shared some interesting experiences he has had over the years with people who were involved in Hindu-Muslim marriage. One such experience he shared was that of the actor Shah Rukh Khan. He told the audience as to how he was amazed to see a big idol of Lord Ganesha when Khan invited him for dinner at his house Mannat. He also spoke about how his friend and late actor Farooq Sheikh married a Jain girl whom he was in love with.

During his address, Advocate Kilor spoke fondly of his friend Firdos  and revealed how he could never hear Firdos' love story and now he'll be able to read through the book Itni Si Baat. He also revealed that it was Firdos who kept the name of the book when author Chaitali couldn't decide on the name.

To everyone's delight, Advocate Firdos Mirza and Mehwash Mirza also spoke about their love story. Firdos spoke as to how Mehwash, a Hindu girl (previously Manju Dubey) made sure that she fits in with everybody at Firdos's family side. Given the fact that the couple married 21 years back when Hindu-Muslim marriage was a big taboo as compared to now, when Firdos was asked what kept the two going, he just replied in one word: 'Love!' Mehwash too shared her side of story when she revealed how both of them tried to stay away from each other for two years thinking they will forget each other but couldn't do so as they loved each other too much!

Pictures by: Himanshu Pal

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