May 5, 2020, 10:04 AM

Unable to run his regular business because of the lockdown, a jeweller in Jaipur has started selling vegetables to earn money and support his family. in Ram Nagar, Jaipur, decided to sell vegetables in his shop to earn a living, since shops selling non-essential items had to be shut down amid coronavirus lockdown.

Hukumchand Soni, owner of GP Jewellery Shop in Jaipur’s Ram Nagar, has been in the jewellery business for 25 years. As the lockdown began on March 25, Soni’s started using his savings to support his family. Soni added, “I used to make and sell small jewellery items and used to repair damaged ornaments. But I and other shopkeepers started suffering losses daily due to the lockdown.”

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When Soni realized he will soon exhaust all his savings, he decided to sell vegetables to earn money. Soni told PTI, “It’s been four days since I started selling vegetables. This is the only way I can survive the lockdown.” Soni goes to the local vegetable market everyday to gather his supplies and transports the vegetables to his shop in a hired tempo-rickshaw.

Being the only earning member of family, Soni has to pay rent for the shop, take care of his mother and the family of his younger brother, who passed away. Soni said, “Atleast I’m earning now. It is better than sitting at home and doing nothing.”

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