May 3, 2021, 3:13 PM

Oxygen crisis in Karnataka claimed lives of 24 COVID-19 patients at a government hospital on Sunday night in  Chamarajnagar (175 kms from Bengaluru) after the hospital ran out of oxygen supply.

Karnataka government led by CM BS Yediyurappa has ordered an inquiry and has appointed IAS officer Shivayogi Kalasad to investigate into the matter. Preliminary investigations revealed that the oxygen supply to the hospital did not reach in time from Mysuru, where the oxygen distribution network had been established.

Pratap Simha, MP from Mysuru, told NDTV: “Last night, when media people drew my attention to the situation of oxygen shortage in Chamarajnagar district, I myself contacted Deputy Commissioner (DC) Dr Mr Ravi and took a conference call with ADC who is in charge of oxygen. At night itself I contacted Southern Gas and they provided 15 cylinders. Before that also we had given from the quota. Despite all this, this sad incident occurred. Chamarajnagar is not some far away place. We feel it is part of us. We are part of their sorrow.”

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