March 22, 2020, 2:12 AM

As the total count of positive cases of coronavirus reach 63 in Maharashtra, Dr Mahendra Kalyankar, Commissioner of Labour, Maharashtra, has asked all public and private establishments to not terminate employees or reduced wages because of loss of work.

Dr Kalyankar wrote, "In view of the COVID-19 pandemic and the consistent efforts of the Government requesting the citizens to remain at home and not to venture out, will constraint the worker/employee to report for work. There may be incidence that on this pretext, the employer may dispense with the services of the workers or may force the workers/employees to go on leave without wages/salaries."

Dr Kalyankar added, "In the backdrop of such challenging situation, all employers of public or private establishments may be advised to extend their coordination by not terminating their employees, particularly casual or contractual workers from job or reduce their wages. If any worker takes leave, he should be deemed to be on duty without any consequential deduction in wages for this period. Further, if the place of employment is to be made non-operational due to COVID-19, the employees of such unit will be deemed to be on duty."

Considering overall well being of the workers, the letter also mentioned that the termination of workers or reduction in their wages would further deepen the crisis and will not only weaken the financial condition of the employee but also hamper their morale to combat their fight with this epidemic.

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