April 1, 2021, 2:29 PM

As per El Dorado weather website, Chandrapur in Maharashtra was the fourth hottest city in the world with a temperature of 43.2°C on Wednesday (March 31). On Thursday, April 1, while Chandrapur became the seventh hottest city in the world with 43.2°C, Bhubaneshwar was the second hottest in the world with a temperature of 44.2°C.

As per Regional Meteorological Centre (RMC), while Nagpur was one the hottest cities in Vidarbha on Wednesday with 41.1°C, Akola soared with a temperature of 41.6°C.

Earlier in May 2019, Chandrapur and Nagpur were the hottest and the third hottest cities in the world respectively with temperatures crossing 47.5°C. It has been said that Chandrapur (with 47.8°C) was on the top of the list of world’s hottest cities while Jacobabad in Pakistan stood second and Nagpur stood third with 47.5°C.

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