February 8, 2021, 7:11 PM

Former Chief Minister of Maharashtra and the current Leader of Opposition in State Assembly, Devendra Fadnavis, on Sunday, said that India’s worst COVID-19 management system was seen in Maharashtra, which is one of the most progressive states in the county.
Fadnavis said the same while speaking at the inaugural function of SSPM Lifetime Medical College, Sindhudurg (Konkan). Union Home Minister Amit Shah and other BJP state leader were also present at the event.
Speaking about BJP’s work during COVID-19 crisis, he said, “When COVID was at its peak in Maharashtra, we stood by our state government avoiding all of the political differences. BJP workers helped people day and night.”
He also mentioned the Union Budget 2021 in his address and said, “I thank PM Modiji for keeping healthcare as his top priority in the budget. Modiji is bringing new revolution in medi-education by making the system more transparent.”

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