February 9, 2021, 7:53 PM

Tigress (T-12) Maya with her cubs in Tadoba (Picture by: Shaurya Reshamwala)

Tigress (T-12) Maya with her cubs in Tadoba (Picture by: Shaurya Reshamwala)

During an afternoon safari on Friday, wildlife photographer Shaurya Reshamwala captured a mesmerising photograph of Tigress (T-12) Maya and her four cubs in Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve (TATR) in Chandrapur, Maharashtra.
As many gypsy cars awaited for Maya and her cubs to return to their fresh Sambhar kill, Reshamwala decided to retreat from the spot and venture out.
Soon as he and his group drove away from the kill, they got lucky to spot Maya and her streak casually strolling in the afternoon heat.
“Streaked. A streak of tigers, Tadoba. One afternoon drive in February, while most cars waited for Maya to come back to her fresh Sambhar kill, we decided to be brave and venture out. As soon as we drove away from the kill we were blessed with this incredible sighting of Maya and her cubs walling on the road. As the saying goes ‘take the road less travelled’,” Reshamwala wrote in his Instagram post.

A travel enthusiast, Reshmwala also partners a wildlife travel company 'Call of the wild,' who conduct various safaris across the jungles in India and Africa. 

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