September 28, 2016, 5:32 AM

Kirloskar Vasundhara International Film Festival 2016, a unique initiative by Kirloskar group and Chhaya Dixit Welfare Foundation, aims at motivating citizens to participate in environment conservation. The festival, which got inaugurated today at Bhonsala Military School, will continue to screen films for spreading environment awareness on different school and college campuses till September 30. The inauguration ceremony saw environment enthusiasts and experts having a dialogue with the students on various hues of environment like Nag River, waste management and growing trees to make Nagpur smart city.

The key speakers enlightened the students on the importance of preserving nature. In their speeches, Mayor Pravin Datke (the Chief Guest) and NMC Commissioner Shravan Hardikar (Guest of Honour) inspired the students to be more sensitive towards the environment and making Nagpur smart city. Abhay Nafdey’s lecture on smart cities instilled a sense of environmentalism among the students, who listened to the speakers with utmost attention.

Hardikar explained to the students about the sustainable environment and how one should take basic steps to save nature. He even said that it won’t take much time for Nagpur to become a smart city, if we all start doing our bit towards saving nature. Hardikar cited examples of certain foreign cities, asking the students to adapt their citizens’ disciplined mindset towards the environment for a better living.

After the inaugural ceremony, a one-act play was performed by a self-funded NGO ‘Green Vigil Foundation.’ The act depicted deterioration of our very own Nag River. The play, which was presented by 10 artists, took the audience 100 years back, when Nag River’s water was potable! The play also showed how Nag River has been reduced to a mere gutter because of the gross abuse by us. Basic awareness of cleanliness of water was well delivered from the act to the audience. The artists also took a promise from the audience of never polluting the river again and joining hands for a clean Nag river.

When Nation Next spoke to Medha Dixit, director of Chhaya Dixit Welfare Foundation, she said, “This festival takes place in various cities every year. The documentary films, which are specifically made on environment and ecology, are released during the festival. Chhaya Dixit Welfare Foundation is hosting the film festival in Nagpur. We have enrolled many associates like Saptak, Dandekar, Lotus, Bank of Maharashtra, who are helping us to carry forward the festival. The festival is carried out with a new theme each year. This year’s theme is ‘Smart and Sustainable City.’ The reason we are taking the festival to schools and colleges is that when a child becomes aware, he is excited to educate his friends and family members. We have also initiated the appointment of bird-feeders across the city. This will result into an increased number of birds in the city, which in turn, will lead to a greener environment. Also, we are soon coming up with a project for waste collection, for which we are engaging scrap workers to collect plastic waste for making Nagpur smart city.”

Photos by: Gursshheen Gahllen
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