June 11, 2018, 10:45 PM
Sensation prevailed in Aaradhna Nagar, Nagpur, when BJP leader Kamlakar Pawankar along with four of his family members was axed to death on Sunday night
Kamlakar Pawankar along with four of his family members was axed to death on Sunday night.

An unemployed man, who was acquitted by the High Court for his wife’s murder a year back, on Sunday night, owing to various issues, brutally murdered his 4-year-old son and four others at Aaradhna Nagar in Nagpur.

As per the police, the accused, Vivek Palatkar (35) attacked his four-year-old son Krishna Palatkar, his brother-in-law Kamlakar Pawankar (53) and three members of Kamlakar’s family namely - Archana Pawankar (45), Mirabai Pawankar (70) and Vedanti Pawankar (15) – with a sharp weapon at their residence in Aaradhna Nagar and killed all of them. The police were informed about the murder when Vivek’s and Kamlakar’s minor daughters (who were sleeping in another room of the house) discovered the dead bodies lying in a pool of blood in the morning and rushed to a nearby relative’s place in horror.

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As the police reached the spot and started the preliminary investigation, they suspected Vivek as the main accused in the case. Explaining Vivek’s possible motive behind the chilling murder, while speaking to Nation Next, DCP Crime Sambhaji Kadam said, “Vivek was accused of killing his wife in 2014 and was even given life imprisonment by the Sessions Court. The High Court, however, a year back, acquitted him in the case. Vivek’s children were staying at the Pawankar household. Vivek wanted his children back but Kamlakar was hesitant. Apart from this, Vivek and Kamlakar even had issues related to property and some other things.”

Speaking about what exactly led the police to Vivek, DCP Kadam added, “His bike was found at Kamlakar’s residence. Furthermore, Vivek’s and Kamlakar’s daughters also told us that Vivek was the only person who visited the Pawankar household on Sunday night.” Vivek is still at large and the police have launched a manhunt to nab him.

Most of the reports in the media have mentioned Kamlakar as a ‘BJP leader.’ DCP Kadam, has however, thrashed this rumour. When Nation Next spoke to senior BJP leader Jaiprakash Gupta and informed him about the unfortunate incident, he too told us that Kamlakar was not associated with the party.

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